Yoshihiro Yamamura, Consul General of Japan in Saint Petersburg

«ExpoHoReCa exhibition seems to be very useful. In my opinion, it will be of interest of Japanese companies, working in Northwestern region market. In the future, I am willing to assist in establishing contacts between Japanese companies and the exhibition organizers».

Ivan Makarenkov, General Director АVKM Ltd (Russia)

«Generally speaking, our company is satisfied with the participation in the exhibition. The second step was twice wider than the first - on the coffee-tasting court were more than a dozen companies - importers, roasters: several Petersburg roasters, one company from Bryansk, a Dutch brand, several Italian brands, another company was announced as "Organic Coffee". And we actually saw the interest of experts as to product presentation, to the very format of the event, where it is possible to get acquainted with different brands of coffee, taste, compare ....On the other hand, it seemed to me that the representatives of the business is now, there is some uncertainty about whether or not to participate in exhibitions, to spend money on promotion. According to the experience of our company I can say that it is necessary to take part! The crisis it is the right time for self-education, moving forward, reaching new markets. And the exhibition is the perfect place to meet these challenges»!

Marino de Marchi, Director Melodia Gelato (Russia)

«Our company is still very young, so it was important to hear the consumers’ opinions. The exhibition ExpoHoReCa has given us the opportunity to talk with representatives of various companies. Many of them have tasted our ice cream, reviews have been very interesting and often unexpected for us. Will our company participate again? Maybe yes. But, in this case, we will change the design of the stand. Perhaps next to a cafe or food court, so that visitors can comfortably negotiate and try our products».

Yuriy Oparin, Brand-Manager Robot Coupe (France)

«Robot Coupe does not specialize in sales. For us the main task - to support dealers. Therefore in the exhibition ExpoHoReCa company’s representatives do not focus on getting the most of new contacts. We demonstrate equipment: new items that have appeared in the market; already known, but it is still the best-selling models. Over the four days spent at the show, we have introduced our production to a large number of visitors. At the same time we realize that this is our final consumer. It turns out that the show - it's a great opportunity to witness direct contact of potential buyers with the goods».

Anna Babushkina, Sales Manager North-Western Coffee Company (Russia)

«For us, the exhibition «ExpoHoReCa» - is an effective tool, as we present the product flavor. Someone thinks that the exhibition alternative - the Internet. But our product is not quite equivalent replacement: trade through online platform makes it impossible to fully assess the flavor characteristics and indicators of quality of our coffee».