Restaurant-keepers and Hoteliers Forum

Forum of restaurateurs and hoteliers - is the largest specialized event in the region. In one informational platform will come together leading experts of restaurant business and hospitality industry, including government representatives, top managers of major companies and leading industry experts. Speakers disclose the secrets of a successful business, help to find effective solutions, prompts how to open the company HoReCa segment and hold a leading position in the market.

Chef a la Russe

The qualifying round of the All-Russian Championship of Culinary Chef a la Russe-2017 will take place in Saint Petersburg. Chef a la Russe - is another step in your career, meet new people, and get recognition in the professional environment. Try your hand at the culinary prowess can groups of the North-Western region of Russia, representing the catering facilities, and independent experts. The winner of the qualifying round of the St. Petersburg will participate in the final competition Chef a la Russe-2017. Organized by the company METRO Cash & Carry, the National Association of Cooks Russia with the support of the World Association of Chefs communities - WorldChefs / WACS and OOO FAREXPO.

Find like-minded people and colleagues and participate in the Championship!